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Source:Shandong Haoweiyuan Foodstuffs Pty Ltd Date:2017-8-12
Prompt:What are the advantages of dehydrated vegetables?
Used to eat fresh vegetables you may feel strange and confused, in fact of dehydrated vegetables, dehydrated vegetables has been gradually selling major markets, into our line of sight, for dehydrated vegetables, you know how much? Many people question whether it can cause loss of nutrition due to dehydration Today, Xiao Bian leads us to understand the dehydrated vegetables of Sheng Yu food and green food together.
Green food vegetables dehydrated vegetables keep the original color, flavor and nutrition, convenience food, less moisture, easy transportation, long storage time, effectively adjust the vegetable production season, in fact, in our lives everywhere such as dry and dehydrated vegetables, dried bamboo shoots, letinous edodes, laver, dehydrated vegetables are nutritious delicious, just because the vegetables drying treatment on nutritional components was not destroyed, so no need to worry about the loss of nutrition.
Dehydrated vegetables have many advantages
1. Convenient transportation. Vegetables occupy a large amount of water, but also heavy. Transport takes up a lot of space, and after dehydration, the space is small, light and easy to carry. Greatly reduce the labor burden of transport workers.
2, avoid waste. Fresh vegetables are easy to rot, because the surface environment is very suitable for bacterial growth and reproduction, and dehydration after compared with fresh vegetables, the bacteria need to survive conditions of water control, the control can avoid rotting.
3, nutrition is not lost. Dehydrated vegetables will be restored to the water, and has been cut, without further washing, knives, cutting and other processes, food convenience. When eaten, it is not only delicious, fresh and colorful, but also keeps its original nutritional value.
4, easy to save. A lot of green vegetables very easy to dry wilted, leafy vegetables are reserved for the most important water, dehydrated vegetables initial moisture content to 75%-95%, for the safe storage requirements, the final water content below 8%. Therefore, it is easier to save.
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