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Bahu Town, Hedong District, Linyi City, Shandong Province, China
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Shandong Haoweiyuan Foodstuffs CO.,LTD. formerly known as Linyi Rongda Foodstuffs, is an "old and new" manufacturer and exporter of premium quality dehydrated garlic and onion products ex China.  Haoweiyuan was set up in June 2017, based on the famous Linyi Rongda Foodstuffs with same premises, same equipment and same team.  It specializes in making ready made granules and powder without need of recleaning to Western Countries and Japan.  It positions itself as China's highest quality manufactuer equivalent to standards of Western and Japanese suppliers.  Its predecessor Rongda has good repuration and a track record of good quality among its customers.  Haoweiyuan will continue to supply sustainable products from farm to fork to its customers.

Shandong Haoweiyuan is a BRC certified manufacturer.

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